Bobcats program is a USA Swimming program designed to constantly grow and train young swimmers to maintain a well rounded competitive swimming team.  Through attendance in USA Swimming competitive events under the guidance of certified coaches, swimmers develop their skills and abilities in this life long sport. This program is broken up into the two (2) seasons: Fall/Sping also known as Short Course and Spring/Summer also known as Long Course Season.  In general the dates for each season are as follows:

Short Course:  Fall/Spring Semester

                             Starts:              September 8, 2015

                            Ends:               March 28, 2016
There will be no practice the following dates:

December 24, 2015- January 1, 2016

Long Course: Summer Semester

                           Starts:              April 4, 2016

                          Ends:               TBA


            The Bobcat Swim Club features progressive levels of swimming groups determined by commitment and ability.  These varying levels represent the milestones of a swimmer’s career and are designed to foster their competitive drive.  The developmental groups are designed to improve swimming technique. More advanced group members are expected to attend more swim practices, dry land activities, and competitive meets. The Bobcat Swim Club is about the enjoyment and development of competitive swimming within a team structure. 

Progression from one group to another is determined by a combination of qualitative measurements.  Swimmers who demonstrate specific time standards along with a willingness, desire and commitment to competitive swimming will be considered for advancement.  When transitioning from one group to another, swimmers will have one week to visit the next level practices to ensure their ability to succeed.  After the transition period, swimmers will then meet with the coaching staff to discuss the next step!

Who can join?
Anyone over 5 who can swim is welcome to come out and give it a try. Individuals are given an opportunity to try the program for a 5 day free trial and see if it is what they are looking for.  If interested please e-mail coach Jacque Graham at

How do I join?
Currently we are asking individuals wishing to purchase a Bobcat Swim Club membership, to visit the business office for Campus Recreation.  This office is located inside the Ping Recreation Center in room 142.  Business office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm. 

What does the membership provide?
Membership to the Bobcat Swim Club includes a membership to the Aquatic Center.  Included in the Annual Membership is access to the week long camps in between the Short Course and Long Course Seasons.

You can join for the season or for the year, it is your choice.  We have also made family memberships available.  Payment plans are available for those registering for the Annual Membership.  Program fee is as follows:




Fall/ Winter

Spring / Summer


Extra Family Member






Bobcat Masters





Bobcat Family





*Family is 4 members who live in the same address